2011 Christmas in Ubec

The Tree of Hope at Christmas Time

Christmas is that time of year that we all get to be a child again. We get gifts, we share blessings, we eat a lot, and party a lot as well.

However, Christmas may only be celebrated once a year, but it should always be in our hearts all the days of the year. As for me, this is my favorite season, and the next one is my birthday :3

Anyhow, I love the Christmas lights all around Cebu. It brings about hope amidst the darkness we face.

Here are some decent pics I took during Christmas in Cebu:

The Stars at JY Square

Catch a Falling Star

The Road to UP at slow shutter. I just love this street. Reminds me of great (and not so great ones) childhood memories 🙂

Just another view of that street to UP

I just love Christmas!One of my favorite shots to take... Bokeh! (and it's Japanese too!)

Oh Fuente, I just love your lights! An attempt for a 30-second shutter speed of this beautiful Cebu landmark.


Christmas is Love. And so is these people here 😛

After Christmas, we have Sinulog to look forward to! 🙂

When A Child is Born

In To The Light!


Ayala Center, Cebu on a Holiday Season


I just love the lights on this tree!


The stars of Christmas come in different colors


A wide angle of Ayala Terraces


The busy restaurants during the holiday


The light illuminates the darkness


I just love this view!


... and to the left!


...and to the right!

Truly in awe with the view


Branch lights


A second look at those branches with lights, and those with none. You'll see and feel the difference.


I just loved how I manipulated the lights to reflect a different one 🙂


But let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas. It is the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is his birthday. Let’s celebrate his birthday by being Christ-like. Not only this season, but throughout the year.


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