Rescue A Hero Album Launch

Taken at The Outpost last November 26 2011.

Although I was extremely sick from colds and fever, and very tired from school,

I still went to the event just to take a peek and a pic of the Rescue A Hero album launch.

This was their very first album, as they said, after 48 years.

I would want to grab a copy of one, but sad to say, I lack the funds at that time.

2 amazing bands played before them as well.

I enjoyed taking pictures and listening to their music.

Indeed, I didn’t felt my fever at that time. LOL.

Dance with Me Kris

Dance with Me Kris Lead Guitars

Dance with Me Kris Rhythm Guitars

Dance with Me Kris

Dance with Me Kris Vocals

Dance with Me Kris, The Bass

Jud Sala, the Bass

Jud Sala, the bassist of Undercover Grasshoppers and a friend of mine, plays for Foc Fashion as well 🙂

Foc Fashion

Foc Fashion Guitars + Vox

Get your Foc Fashion shirts now ! 🙂

Oooohh! Strum strum strum!


And here they are, the stars of the night…

Rescue a Hero

Rescue a Hero on their first song

Sound Check!


Ginabot, Puso & Suka & Sparkle - YUM2x!

The audience just keeps their head bangin'.

Feel the vibe ^^

The guitar, a six-stringed instrument that could play wonders!

Rescue a Hero, Bass Guitars

The band playing at late night 🙂



The drummer, a least exposed beauty but the only one that keeps the beat rollin'...

Rescue a Hero: "Ang tunay na lalaki, walang abs"

If I heard it right, they recorded their album in their bedrooms. Dunno if I really heard that right. But this band makes good use of their effects.

And for only 350php, you’ll get more than what you paid for – great music from the south side!

Kudos guys!



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