Lights in the Dark

I just bought a DSLR cam.

YES. I never imagined I’ll be owning a 600D from the Canon EOS series.

I was a hobbyist in photography before.

I don’t know if you can call my shots photography either – the time when I was using my Sony Cybershot with a 7.2 megapixels. These were one of the old version that was released, when digicam was such a big HIT. LOL.

Anyway, I had some frustrations back then about the shots on my point and shoot. The thing is, I have to edit each picture just to get a picture I wanted – clear. sharp. vivid. And not to mention some other stuffs… that only a DSLR camera is capable of! >.<

So one time, as I was editing the cosplay pics we had during the last comic con, I ended up sleeping ‘till 3am just to edit those few pics. WTH! So the morning after, I was definite that I need to get a DSLR. And there I was, 3 weeks after, holding my new Canon 600D. Here are some noob shots by the way. You can also check this out on my tumblr page.












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