A Child Again

Ever since I’ve gotten ‘bigger’, I’ve always wanted to be ‘small’ again.

Although literally, I am a small person… But you get the idea. Winking smile

Anyhow, last weekend, I’ve had the opportunity to dance in the rain. I know the weather has been a bit off lately, but I hadn’t had the chance to bathe in the rain – until last Sunday.

I came home a bit exhausted and tired from the long trip to Lapu-Lapu, where we had our Coastal Cleanup. So I had to take a bath again. It so happened that it rained. And it rained hard. I think for the last two Sundays, it hadn’t rained that much and when I tried bathing in the rain the last time, I ended up bathing in the bathroom.

Anyhow, here are some noob pics. I had my cousin took one for myself. And had her come out instead to join me.


Just don’t mind the background. My neighbor is renovating their house. LOL.



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