Eiga Sai: One Million Yen Girl

Cast: Yu Aoi:  Suzuko Sato, Mirai Moriyama:
Ryohei Nakajima, Pierre Taki:  Haruo Fujii

Synopsis: The shining star of Japanese contemporary cinema, Yu Aoi turns in an extraordinary performance with charm in “One Million Yen Girl” written and directed by Yuki Tanada, one of the most promising talents among the young Japanese filmmakers. Tanada wrote a B.O. smash hit Sakuran (2007) as well as Hatsuko’s World (2007), which she also directed, and earned reputation for her sensitive and skillful portrayal of female protagonists. The film story focuses on 21 year old Suzuko who gets into trouble with her coworkers from part time job and ends up in jail. Coming out of the jail, living with her parents seems like no longer an option. She takes on a various job: cleaning office, delivering newspapers, and saves up a million yen to embark on a journey. She finds herself in a seaside resort and starts working as a part-time staff at a guest house. A local boy falls for her, but she has promised herself to leave for another town once she saves up a million yen. To this aim, Suzuko works as hard as possible and saves the money. As she moves from town to town,
she touches upon people’s kindness, and gradually matures. At a regional town, Suzuko meets Nakajima, her coworker at
a gardening shop and a college student who is gentle and sweet. They fall in love. But when Nakajima hears of Suzuko’s rule to skip town once she saves up a million yen, a chasm begins to grow deeper The movie was superb. Yu Aoi portrays the character perfectly – and she’s so damn cute. I feel like I’m going homo. LOL.


The character might seem weak because of her physique and her aura, but in the inside she is really strong. There were times that she felt weak but she really stood up, even without anybody’s help.

I loved how the movie was arranged at first and in the end. My favorite was the last part though. The part where she met her love interest. She was not looking for one, although someone courted her when she was working at the beach. It would seem that love will strike when you least expect it, isn’t it? ‘Coz she fell in love with a guy whom she worked with in another town, named Nakajima. The movie house was filled with love bugs and uproars because everybody in the room felt so “kilig” with how the director presented the “confession” part. Hmm, to differentiate, Filipino mass media movies are not presented like that. Here, the characters offer a lot of dialogue that sometimes are too cheezy to be true.Whereas, Japanese films, I must say, never fails to amaze me on how the characters deliver very limited dialogue but in a very effective way. Yet it’s true that actions speak louder than words. And so, the last part was the twist in the movie. Where Nakajima always borrowed money from her. She felt cheated because it was becoming a habit of Nakajima. But in the end, Nakajima was just borrowing money just so that her savings would not reach one million yen. In short, he doesn’t want her to go. The sad part is, in the end, she didn’t know that that was the reason Nakajima always borrows money from her. When I saw the last part, I felt like getting wild. LOL. It’s because it didn’t really end that well. Sad smile  But nevertheless, I liked the twist of the movie. ALTHOUGH, I did had some idea on Nakajima’s scheme, but I discarded that one, because I was too focused of what was currently happening, and not about the possible reasons why that was happening. Anyhow, the director gave us a perfect impression indeed.



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Aside from a very good movie, I had some really great companions as well. I was with again, my high school friends, the ever-supportive high school friends. We are indeed the epitome of saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt”. BUT not in a bad way of course. We are very brutal with each other. But that’s just normal. :)) So yes, I had a blast with my weekend ❤


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2 responses to “Eiga Sai: One Million Yen Girl

  1. The movie \m/ is superb and the pics of us are KewL.
    Thanks for the review and the pics kenchan!

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