The Ephemeris of A Dream: Day 20

I started counting the days since that official day.


I dreamt of you again this morning.

Why do I always wake up at that same time in the morning?

I thought it was because of my running nose, but today I realized,,

it’s NOT.

At 6am: You had someone else – all along. When you were out there, she was beside you. And I told myself, “I should’ve known”. You mentioned her name. I thought it was just a friend. A guy friend. But it turned out to be a girl. That was weird.

We had a little conversation.

I slept again.

At 7am:  You’ll be marrying her. What the heck.

You said you’re not ready, but now, you’re getting married.

I don’t know. My dream just goes on and connects itself.

I slept again.

When I woke up to the reality, I realized, with so much pain that was presented on my head, I didn’t cry. I can’t seem to cry anymore.”Maybe those songs really are true”, I said to myself.  But yes, with all these, I can’t seem to shed a tear anymore.

Everything just sinks in day by day.


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