Shopping Galore

I love to shop.

It relieves me from stress. I think that every girl could certainly agree with that.

But for this one, it was my first time – shopping at Ebay.

Previous months back, I bought an Xperia X10 Mini Pro. The funny thing was, it was not my plan to buy and Xperia. LOL.

I was eyeing on Samsung Galaxy Fit or Samsung Galaxy Mini.

That was even at the quarter-end of last year. But I figured, it was a bit of expensive for me. So, I wanted a QWERTY phone from Samsung. Because I’m a lazy texter.

One day, I went to Ayala after having lunch and figured I could certainly stroll around comparing cellphones because I think I am bored of mine already. When I saw Sony Ericsson having a big sale, I just went in without hesitation just to see for myself what this Xperia is. I am Sony Ericsson fan. I love Sony. Aside from being made in Japan, I love the quality and aesthetic appeal of their products. The sales guy just went on with his presentation. I’ve been amazed even before with Sony products. So I went out and strolled around Nokia and Samsung nearby outlets. However, I can’t take my mind of that Xperia. So I decided (immediately), and yet too immediate, to buy that Xperia X10 Mini Pro that’s been all over my head the minute I saw it. The thing about me is that when I do a decision, it will be dealt with immediately. Haha.

So there, I bought that phone and went back to the office. My teammate dropped her jaws when she saw I was carrying a new phone. The way she understood me last time I checked, I was going “window shopping” for a new phone.


When I bought the phone, I had no leather case and not even a screen protector. I can’t find any leather case that fits this phone here in Cebu. So I decided to surf through the net ang viola! I saw this On Sale item at Ebay! I didn’t know what to do next after that. But a friend of mine said that I’ll claim it through the post office. After 3 weeks or so, it arrived! Yipee! I only paid Php 40 for the Customs Fee. I’m extremely happy.



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