Sent From Heaven

As you all may know, I am going through a drastic change in my life right now. LOL.

It may seem dramatic, but this time around, it’s not.

One of the hardest things to do during a breakup is getting attuned with the new setup. Everything would seem new to you.

It would seem that waking up in your old bed seems foreign and strange now that somebody is gone. It would seem that waiting for that jeepney is not the usual stop as it had been when he’s there with you.Even though your cup of coffee completes your morning routine, you’d seem to realize it was not what you needed afterall.

Hmm, but all of those stuffs vanished because of my friends’ support. If it had not been for them, as God’s instruments, I would have been devastated. Or maybe even dead by now (not literally). But yes, I am so alive and kickin’.

I know I have not shown my extreme gratitude to my friends. But I hope that in my little ways, they would see that I am indeed very grateful for their support, for their love, their care, understanding, and time.

These people are God-sent. These people made me realize that I haven’t lost anything. And everything is to gain. My line of sight shifted. I never realized that LOVE is just around me. I thank God for sending these people to my life. Apart from that, I thank my family for all their support in my darkest of days. And I know that they are also God’s instruments to be there for me. I thank my dogs, who inspire me and give me unconditional love. To note, I don’t believe in unconditional love in humans, but in dogs, I have certainly felt it.

And that’s all for now. 🙂


2 responses to “Sent From Heaven

    • thanks so much souchan! i’m very grateful to have you and the rest of the UP laagang pips! ^_^ indeed your support has been one of my strengths this past few weeks, and counting XD

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