Just Not My Day

Have you ever had those days that makes you so stressed, you’d think you’re going mad? Well I have a lot!

Today, I just had one. When I got home late from practice, I had no dinner yet, and no food at the table. When I walked the dogs after eating a cup noodle, I have to deal with a rusty handle for Chicco’s leash’ oh sheesh! Talk about luck! To top it off, no one’s coming with me to assist in the walking. Oh, screw ’em!
Walking with two dogs is quite a challenge especially when you have Chicco with you. He’s so fearful, he barks every canine and feline on the street! And I have to tie up my shoelaces while he feddles up with that terrier in the street. Perspiring and tired, I returned him back home and settled with niji alone instead. We ran around our block. Niji’s much better than Chicco when we talk about dog walks.

Though the day was extremly tiring, I still managed to do the things that I needed and obliged to do. Thank you Lord!


2 responses to “Just Not My Day

  1. Get them leash where you can control the how long or short you want your dog away from you. I don’t know what they call it, hehe.
    And whenever your stressed, just watch a 30-min sitcom TV show. Hehe.

    • back then, i was a neophyte in handling dogs.. i’ve watched the Dog Whisperer to educate myself. hahaha! and yes, lately, i’ve been watching TV shows to relieve my stress. works everytime! ūüėČ however, i mostly end up staying up late. lol

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