The Long Weekend

I loooove weekends. More so that Monday is a holiday here in Cebu.

Since it would be our 28th monthsary, we decided to cook together. We cooked spaghetti together – the thing we had only done during climbs. Anyhow, after a sumptuous lunch, we diverted that calorie to taking care of our dogs. So we bathe Thunder and Cloud. Thunder needed much scrubbing so it took awhile to bathe him. Then Cloud – his first bath ever! When we bathe him, ooohhh lalala! He is soooo cute! His soaked fur made his skinny body looked more evident, his little yet long arms sat still on the floor as we scrubbed him overall. Just the dog I needed! Open-mouthed smile  He sat still while we were scrubbing him with his shampoo and pouring water all over. He was quite scared, but considering his first time, he handled it like a pro. Just the amazingness of the Golden Retriever!









Then after that, we headed to the shores. We took Niji and Thunder to Cordova, Lapu-lapu City to take a swim. Their first time in their lives! Niji was very hesitant as well as Thun2x. It was one of those days that I get to see Niji very fearful, shivering in the cold. He took a hold on a nearby banca, and we looked at his shaking body. Just the thing he needed – a little challenge! Niji is an extremely dominant dog. He needs more discipline and exercise. And this trip gave him what he needed.

It was a very challenging way home since the car keys was broken due to a dip in the waters. But thank God! We made it safely home! Whew! What a weekend! Smile



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