The Online Diary

Blogging. It's one of my favorite past times – especially when it is at the middle of the month. During these times, I do not have a lot to do at work, so everything comes in, when I am calm.


Blogging is like giving my piece of mind. I don't talk a lot to people I do not know. And I think that a lot of acquaintances even know that I LOVE to write. Anyhow, I read other blogs but I cannot remember those that I have come across with, even though they have great content. Hmm, it's maybe because I don't have too much time reading them. But I do love It's pretty hilarious. I'm also reading blogs like the amplifier from yahoo, and friends' blogs.

A blog is an online diary. Although I may recognize that, I don't actually explicitly, bluntly say my day-to-day activities. Maybe that's just for celebrities, I guess. I still want to maintain my privacy. Though I don't have anything against those people blogging about anything in particular about their life. That's cool with me. 🙂

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