Review: Who Moved My Cheese?


I always loved fables. It’s a way of telling/retelling a story in a lighter mood and with an unforgettable impression.

Who Moved My Cheese is about sniffing, reacting, and embracing change. I loved how the book presented this lesson in a fable. The very serious topic is told in an animated fashion that leaves traces on the minds of its readers. The “writings on the wall” are very effective ways of remembering the quotable quotes and its message.

who moved my cheese

The presentation of the “writings on the wall” is refreshing as well and very symbolic. I think the story is symbolism itself. And those symbols aids you in remembering the message of a story. cheese-871

Who Moved My Cheese is short and direct to the point. Even though representations and symbolism revolves around the story but the message is straight.

It’s a two thumbs up for me.  Smile


2 responses to “Review: Who Moved My Cheese?

    • hala wala ko kabantay na ni comment d i ka souchan… na spam man imong comment gud 😐 dunno why.
      anyhow, ebook ra ang naa nako. i’ll send it to you later coz naa sa laptop ang copy. mwahhugz 🙂

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